Battlefield 4 Review

Battlefield 4 is the fighting game that players can enjoy solo, as well as the multiplayer or we, can say that this is the game which is specifically designed for multi-playing. One can fully enjoy that game by playing it at multiplayer mode as when there is any sort of challenging game or some risk-taking environment is available in the game this will become more exciting. This game contains so many twisting situations that make it more exciting and impressive for players. Like one of these situations is getting chased by the helicopter in your four wheelers or sliding out from your seat to shoot the chopper so that you can help yourself and can kill your enemy.

Type and Power Of Enemies

There are different enemies in this whole play and sometimes the enemies are repeated. Not only you and your squad carry weapons like rifles, guns or tanks but the enemies also have a large number of sniper shooters to kill you in a smaller time. They also have tanks available in their army and are also armed with machine guns and rifles. They can harm you easily if you do not play well or plan well to catch your enemy and kill them.

How You Can Better Save Yourself

You can save yourself from your enemy’s attack by planning and executing well. You can use mines in your way so that the tanks of enemies can be easily get destroyed and in turn pave an easier and smooth way for you to attack your enemy. There are ammo refill crates that get refilled completely in every level which is more alluring in this game. This can be considered as the most interesting version of Battlefield games. You own a refill that means you are always completely ready to attack your enemy with filled magazines.

You need to play smart as after the huge destruction there will be more changes in the environment and conditions of that specific area. There you just need to be adaptable to the changes you have to face as a result of this destruction. After that huge destruction of the area, the whole team needs to get prepared according to that new environment and changes. As with every changing area armored forces need to change their strategies and planning so that they can execute a well-developed plan. Teams also need to be completely ready about the reaction they have to show if their enemies are not getting harmed by their attacks through tanks and guns. You should also need to be aware of the proper usage of weapons according to the specific area and environment so that you can make an efficient use of your valuable weapons for causing great harm to your enemies. You will surely love playing that in multiplayer mode as in solo you will earlier get die by an attack of enemies. In teamwork, you can keep yourself as well as your team safe with the help of proper strategies and planning.


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