Battlefield 5 Review

Battlefield is the game available at different platforms for having fun and providing a great deal of exciting entertainment to the players. This game has different version developed by the game designers and other active artists. Every of the developing version has more developed and advanced specifications which makes it more exciting to play. Battlefield 5 game is releasing on 19th of October this year so the wait of excited players is getting over now. This battlefield 5 is going to be available at different platforms like PlayStation 4. Xbox and many other gaming sites.

Background and Testing of Game

Battlefield 5 is designed by game designers based on the World War 2. There are also different games available which are based on WW2. Battlefield 5 combat with the conflicts which no one has seen before. This game is more developed as it changes every month as the season pass system is replaced by free live service called as Tides of War.

This game provided to some of the players at the end of June before its release so that they can have a little glimpse of that marvelous game. Alpha is a limited slice of multiplayer mode of this game so that players can have some idea about the battlegrounds and levels.

Multiplayer Game

This action game can be played alone as well as with many other players. In this game, you have 64 other players with which you have to compete and make your army to get the victory. This 64 players team work so hard to gain different achievements and completing various objects. You’re not the random soldier in this team but you can also choose a class for you like Medic, assault, or Scout. By choosing a specific class your role in the game gets specified and by staying in this role you can help your army to get success. Not only the team of 64 players work together but is more divided into four players team which makes you completely stick to the specific group and task so that you can work efficiently on that specific goal to get it achieved on time.

Each and every class has a different role assigned in the game assault class carry automatic weapons and explosives to make maximum damage to the enemies for ensuring success. Scouts carry sniper rifles which can help in attacking from longer range efficiently. Support works in repairing, and carrying machine guns basically as the name tells itself that they support the attackers in different ways. As in Battlefield 1, there was a solo player later on the squad system was introduced in Battlefield 2 and now it gets more developed and advanced. But still, some of the players find a solo play for attaining victory as easier than the squad game. This Battlefield 5 game has strong prevention regarding the solo play which is fulfilled by using a new feature. Like in previous games players did not die immediately but have some of the chances to save their life. But now in this Battlefield 5, your squad members can revive you like the medics can help you in surviving longer and just like this other class members can also help you in surviving. This, in turn, forces the player to play with the squad instead of playing solo.

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