Gaming Laptops Review

Technology is getting advanced day by day and is getting more and more modern and complicated. These complications make it more useful and suitable for all type of applications and usage. All sort of gadgets is gaining importance in the life of people like smartphones, iPhones and other laptops. Among all of these laptops can be considered versatile to use for so many different purposes.

While searching for the best laptop everyone wants a piece, which can help you in working properly and efficiently and also gives an easy and exciting entertainment like games and other things. Gaming laptops are usually of high RAMs, as more power is needed to run the system efficiently. There are so many different laptops, which are ranked according to their usability and excellent features. Some of the top listed laptops are as follows:

  • Alienware 17 R5
alienware 17
Alienware 17

Overall, this is the best gaming laptop, which can provide high power for the efficient and exciting gaming experience. This laptop contains a big 17 inches screen to give a wider view. This laptop can provide an efficient gaming experience and also enjoyment for watching movies with friends. Its latest version contains quieter fans, customizable lighting zone and louder speakers for enjoying and have fun with great quality voice with a virtual display.

It has a slimmer design and gorgeous 2560*1440G-Sync display along with Nvidia GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 graphics. These are the impressive and necessary features that one can have in their gaming laptop so you should have that to get entertained. Along with all other exciting features, it also has an average battery life, which provides more time to play and have fun.

  • Dell G7 15 Gaming

Below the Alienware 17 R5 is the Dell G7 15 Gaming laptop, which is ranked according to its features and usability. This is the second best laptop that one can own for the excellent gaming experience. It has a stylish design along with the moderate power required for gaming and is also available at a highly affordable price. It has a core i7 processor and Nvidia 1060 Max-Q GPU. It is not like your typical gaming laptop and also does not work like them. It also has a good battery life, which is a necessary thing to have in your gaming laptop.

  • Asus ROG GU501
Asus ROG

This is the laptop with different efficient and impressive features. It contains a good voice quality, excellent design, and perfect gaming experience. It is armed with Nvidia 1060 GPU and gives a solid mid-level performance with high settings. It has a core i7 processor and also gives multi-tasking front screen as you can view more than one things at a time.

  • Asus ROG Strix Hero II

This gaming laptop has core i7 processor and Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics. It has a more colourful display and excellent sound quality, which provides an excellent experience of gaming with exciting sounds. You can play the latest games on this gaming laptop as it is specifically designed for gamers. It also contains a soft and comfortable keyword, which makes the game playing more fantastic.

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