The Walking Dead Review

There are so many movies on which video games are developed to make people entertain and have fun with friends. This is the game based on the fictional and horror zombie apocalypse the walking dead movie. This game has the same environment and world like it was in the series, which makes it more associated with the series, and lovers of this series buy that game to play and have fun. It contains basically the same roles and characters like the people have in the comic series. You have to play a role of Lee Everett the convicted criminal who works so hard and takes the risk to save the young girl.

Like the other games focus more on puzzle solving and finding things but this The Walking Dead game focus more on the development of characters and story. The story can get developed and affected by the choice of dialogues by the player or the actions he or she performs in different situations can lead to putting different effects on others. There are different episodes of The Walking Dead game in which players make different decisions these decisions are tracked by Telltales and then are used in writing next episode by the writers to make the game more interesting.

Lee Everett works with other survivals in order to live a longer life by saving himself from the zombie apocalypse. The player can examine and interact with the other characters so that he or she can understand the environment and can plan better for survival and combat.

Throughout the whole game, the player is provided with the options to communicate with the surrounding people or can also offer something if they are carrying any. At some of the points, the player needs to make some decision that will affect the story of the game clearly. In some of the conversations, there is only limited time available to Lee in which he can speak otherwise he has to remain quiet which affects the others reaction towards him.

The player must need to follow Quick Time Events so they can keep themselves as well as others alive. If in case, the player dies then the game will restart prior to the QTE. In some of QTEs, you have to make difficult decisions like which one of the character you want to keep safe and alive. Each of the episodes has five points where the players just need to make some significant decisions by choosing among options. The makers of the game trace the choices of players and then compare the percentage of players who have chosen the same option. These all choices will not affect the story and play of game whereas it will surely affect the behavior and reactions of non-players in the game. There are also some of the options for a player like a rewind so that he or she can go back to undo or change the decision. You will surely enjoy that embellishing and exciting game.

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