We Happy Few Review

We all know that in this present society most of the people show fake smiles and happiness on their faces. This We Happy Few is developed based on the same concept in which you have to survive longer in changing environmental conditions. This interesting and exciting game is available at X-box One where you can enjoy it amazingly.

You need to put more and more effort to get over your emptiness to get really happy. This is a confrontational game in which you have to face all of your emptiness and problems with great courage to get out of it. It is also somehow discomforting for players as it makes you confront with the real face of you by removing the phony fronts.

This amazing game is the sort of mystery, which is highly emotive, and impressive that can engage more players easily. We are here in this game for getting rid of our own humiliation for which we have to play with more courage. When you play and fulfill the missions, you will get experience by which you can cure your injuries, can enhance the level of health, which is getting down and also can enhance the ability to combat.

You can better play this game by hiding or running and attacking just in that situation when there is a strong need to do so. As you need to try hard to keep yourself, alive for a longer time so that you can complete more missions effectively. This can be done by planning well and using effective strategies so that you can kill your enemy and can survive longer.

Its world is created so differently unlikely the other all-fighting games so that players can enjoy the whole new concept and environment. There are so many different pleasing locations available in this game where players can experience an amazing and marvelously unique play. In all of these locations, there are living the cast of characters who are unhappy and unrealistically doomed.

The voice quality of these characters and the dialogues they use in this game are interesting and funny as the people are showing themselves happy at front. You will not get that much interesting script of the game just like this game owns.

In this game when you are, moving around in the streets and wastelands the quest takes you to the well-guarded interior where you can easily and efficiently use different combinations and tactics. By using different tactics freely, you can combat well and reach your waypoint easily. You can hack machines like alarms, picking locks and hiding under tables these all are the simpler ways through which you can lead down your enemy.

You not only need to slaughter the people around you but by finishing all of these missions effectively, you can efficiently get more points. By earning these points, you can buy some of the character specific upgrades that will, in turn, make you more powerful. This game is the worth playing that one can own at Xbox One for getting entertained in free time.
























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